Thursday, September 24, 2009


This autumn stylized acrylic painting on canvas (16 x 20) continues along.  If you look back at previous posts of this painting a few days back you'll see it emerge and then revise several times.  What I did this time was mix a phyalo blue with an acrylic glaze medium and a little water and I glazed everything except the brightest leaves (including the formerly too bright yellow road in the foreground).  I love glazes.  And glazing medium makes a glaze of any color you want.  

Then I painted out the small yellow bush that kept distracting me in the foreground and let the tree end on the grass instead of the road (which didn't read right).  Now as I look at it though both larger trees are almost at the same horizontal line which I didn't realize until now.  It might be better to have one be shorter and one longer so I'll think about that another time.  I softened the edge between the road and the grass.  Too hard a line there.  It's better.  I used a little opera mixed with naples yellow to zing up the colored leaves and tried to connect them in the painting so they were not just blobs disconnected. The composition is shaping up a little better now.  I am planning to leave this painting here in the north woods cabin.  I find that people in Florida want tropical birds, palm trees, and sea shells (not colored leaves from the midwest).   My acrylics are all packed for the ride south no more revisions on this one until spring!  By then I won't want to look at colored leaves!!!  I am working my way slowly through the studio now...deciding what paintings and supplies need to back to my southern studio.  It's always hard work thinking that through.   I am signed up for mixed media class in Florida in November with Carol Steven.  Her supply list includes collage papers so I am digging around for those!  Sounds fun.

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  1. I am enjoying your work on this, seeing it change and take different directions but will have to wait until next spring to see it finished? Oh, well, good things come to those who wait!