Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a start.....

Today I had the good fortune to paint a few hours with Jane, Diane, Ken and Florie.  All members of the North woods Outdoor Artists. We painted on the Manitowish River...near W and 51.  I got there an hour late.  I just could not seem to get started this morning even though it was a LOVELY sunny and dry day!  I just poked around and finally got going.   

So I only have about an hour and half to lay out a little wash beginning on a YES canvas for multi-media.  11 x 14.  I sketched a teensy bit with a green pastel pencil for layout and then just began playing around with a 1/2 inch flat brush and watercolor.  The lighter painting is what happened en plein air. The darker version is what happened after I played around a little more with it at home.  It's still not done...but improving. YES canvas is kind of weird to work on but it does lift well.  

Thanks guys for a nice morning.  Nice to get to know you all a little!  We'll paint more next summer.   

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  1. I know where that is!!!!!!!!! I have been there! Can you imagine that? :) I love your painting - beautifully loose and looking forward to seeing the end result.