Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thinking Simple Shapes

I'm kind of in a really different mood right now. Think Steven Quiller.  Our driving trip through Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest today after church and brunch in the wonderful autumn sunlight filled me with the intense yearning to paint in acrylic today. So out they came.  16 x 20 canvas primed in black gesso.  I took my pastel pencil (white) and jotted a few marks where I wanted some shapes and then began to lay out the tree trunks in a random sort of pattern thinking about shadows and negative and positive shapes.  Next I began to think of the tree leaf patterns...up on the tips of the tall oaks and pines.  While down below the tiny trees in the ground cover are beginning to turn bright reds and yellows.  I put in some sky to get the feel of how the over all pattern would begin to look and changed some colors to get a feel for where they might eventually go.  Tomorrow I look forward to sorting out the shadow shapes, working more with the undergrowth and straightening the tree trunks a little and adding some shadows.  I am going to try hard not to overpower the painting with details...I want this to almost be abstract. 

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