Monday, September 21, 2009

Center of Interest?

I had a little time this afternoon in the studio and so I teased a little more out of this acrylic painting. I am trying not to worry about being too realistic on this painting.  The whole scene appeared stylized to me when I saw it and I immediately wanted to try it.  And I wanted it in acrylic, not watercolor.  The forest floor, for instance, is of course not that pristine.  But I didn't want the texture to compete with the the canopy.  And I wanted those horizontal shadows to contrast with all those verticals.  

But now I wonder if I should do a "Robert Genn" and glaze the whole painting a light glaze of phalo blue and then go back and paint the center of interest.  AND what IS the center of interest?   I wonder if I need to push back the forest in the background.  The photo I took of it on the easel has truer color...for some reason the larger photo is grayed down a little. You can see the start of this on yesterday's post.  

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  1. It's looking good, Ginny, but how does one create a center of interest in a painting of trees? Perhaps that front one that is different in that it's grounded in a different color/texture than the others? Hmmm...will be curious and watching how you do this one. Also, LOVED the train sketch. My husband and I combine hobbies (my painting, his photography) and so far we haven't been competitive because I'm not competitive!! It works for us and we enjoy it.