Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Masking and Pouring Watercolor

This is Karen Kapell teaching her watercolor technique in Woodruff, WI today.

What a nice gal and a good teacher!  She had a great group of about 16 of us eager to try out her ideas.  Now the masking that you see here is not the masking that I used for the rest of the project.  That is for something else.  But the idea is there.  What I need to learn to do is not make such big blobs as 
the ones you see there (which I will remove).
After she did a preliminary drawing based on a floral, she used a small coffee scoop to pour her liquid mask (Pebeo preferred).  THEN she uses a straw to blow the mask into interesting web like designs. If you look closely you can see some of that in mine. Learning how to make the mask be part of the total design takes practice. She used bit of cardboard and other tools to move the mask around.   I did not do a very good job on that!  But remember, this is my first try!!  

I poured the cobalt first and then dried it, then masked just the flowers and poured the cobalt violet. 

Each pour must be completely dry before you wet the paper and pours on some colors which you plan ahead of time on a scrap of paper to make sure they look well together.  

This is the the way my morning glories looked at 2:15 pm.  Karen suggested that I work a little more on making the flower petals look more "sculpted".  Now when I go back and look at Deb Ward's examples I can see that she did not try to force the paint into any shape as she poured but negative painted lat
er.  So next time I want to try that way.  But I know now what I need to practice!!!  And it was fun day (except that I am coming down with a cold!). NOT again. 


  1. Similar but different - everyone has their own way! Good job! Hope you are not getting sick before your trip to Florida - drat!

  2. I think you did a good job for your first try! You can also take a spray bottle of clean water and spritz the Pebeo Drawing Gum, tilting the board sideways, creating really organic squiggles that can run all over the paper :)

  3. I still have the cold, Deb, but it is getting better each day. And Rhonda I like the idea of more organic squiggles. This did not turn out at all the way I envisioned it. So am anxious to get settled in my "southern" studio and try this again!