Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was reading Barbara Lewis' blog today. Barb is from Florida too. And as I scrolled down she was talking about garage sale artist material finds.  I've found quite a few too..old frames for sure...I do all my own framing.  Also found a great little portable easel for $5.  

As she was writing she was talking a little about her studio and I got to thinking it would be fun for some of us to share "where" it is we work.  Now this is my Florida studio (a converted guest room) but it does have great north light overlooking an abundant orange tree!  I don't have a lot of space but hubby plans to help with some more shelving this winter.  The old dresser is half mine (half for guests) and the white cupboard behind the easil is a great space saver and is full to the brim.  The hard part is storing frames, canvas, paper, and etc.  That you can't see because it's to the right of the photo and is messy.    

I'll post my north woods studio another time...it is in transition and I am packing right now but I did get my own door to the studio...a real door this fall!  

Barb was also extolling the fun of artists trading cards.  Rhonda Carpenter blogged about those too. And hers are totally different!  What fun.  I am definitely going to try those.  Barb told about someone who came and did a demo on ATCs.  Great idea.  

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