Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Cusp of Change

Well, OBVIOUSLY, this is not the north woods of Wisconsin!  But I actually did do the painting here a few summers ago.  It is now in my sister's collection of paintings in South Carolina.  

It is one of my favorite paintings.  It is SO Key West.  I chose it to share now now just to reflect on my thoughts this time of year.  I am beginning to think about travel south to my home in Leesburg, Florida and palm trees and warm days. (We leave Oct 1)  
This was painted from a photograph taken in Key West on a side street...a typical old style Key West home.  I got everything right on this one...simplifying the shapes, shadows and keeping the palette colors warm and well related. I wet the paper and let the pinks flow down simply painting the negative darks between the slats later.  The colors are Caribbean. There skies are manganese and not cobalt.  It says "sleepy, hot, quiet, happy".   It was painted with Winsor Newton watercolors on 140# Arches cold press and is about 11 x 15.   

So here in the north woods we are on the cusp of autumn but in my heart I am also on the cusp of returning to my tropical home.  

I am off to California now and will be gone for 10 days.  So bear with me and don't forget me and check back around the 12th of September.  I am taking my sketchbooks, watercolors and pens.    


  1. The Key West painting is stunning - I love it!
    Have a great vacation (not that you haven't been in paradise all summer anyhow!)

  2. Thanks for the nice post............