Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watercolor Journal Class Fun

18 VERY special gals gathered in Woodruff at the Community Center yesterday for a full day of talking and making some art. The focus was the whys and hows of journaling. 

 The room was a great setting for a workshop with lots of windows and space and big tables and good light. And NO stairs to climb!  

Arlene and Florie are showing off their name tags which they decorated with "something that means something to them".  Sorry I cut Florie's head off but you can see her in the class room picture sitting at the yellow table.  We all loved what she drew on her name tag!!!  

As usual I learned a lot from them!  There were NO beginners in this group and so we were able to cover a lot of material in a short time!

 Thanks to all who came and I hope we can all get together again next summer!!!  

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