Saturday, September 12, 2009

The California Journaling Continues

On the day of the wedding...that was so beautiful and sunny...I got up early before breakfast at the Sand Rock Farm B & B and curled up with a hot cup of coffee among the lovely flower gardens surrounding it.  The town is Aptos, CA, by the way, not far from Santa Cruz.  Just off Hwy 1.  But the B & B is deep into the woods with redwoods on the property and half a dozen old overgrown and lovely gardens with fountains.  A painter's dream.  This particular morning I sat on the step across from the kitchen door and painted the old stove that the owner (Kris) had by the door along with assorted gardening equipment and a wonderful old wood fence with square peek holes into another garden behind the house.  

The green coffee cup, also painted, was a gift later from my sister (the mother of the groom) and I cherish it as a wonderful memory of this morning. 

Again I was working in my moleskin watercolor journal with water brush, cotman field kit, and a Micron .005 permanent pen.  

The facing page with the flowers and the cup was added the next morning. The red berries were currants, I found out later. 

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